Our Partners

Tweeted Coffee

Tweeted Coffee believes in the power of friendship and working together to bring enjoyment into each other's lives through an appreciation of coffee. We are a small, family-owned business that works with local and small businesses to build up our communities and make our environment smarter and healthier. Our cooperation with other motivated and like-minded businesses allows us to bring you superior customer service and quality products that enhance your life.

Tweeted Coffee

Red Rock Roasters

Red Rock Roasters

We work with Red Rock Roasters, a family-run roastery for more than 20 years, to supply our delicious coffee. Begun in the family barn, Red Rock offers fresh, high-quality specialty coffee to customers around the world. The Roasters handle each bean with care, maintaining their same high standards for simple yet distinctive blends made out of a commitment to honest and reliable customer service and fair trade practices.


Peli Inc.

Peli Inc. Logo

Peli began more than three decades ago as a shipping service to better serve the artistic community, building up the respect and trust of local galleries who used them for packing and delivery. Tweeted Coffee is proud to work with Peli on our packaging and shipping needs. This family-operated company still places attention to detail and customer care at the heart of their business model. Even with a large worldly outlook, Peli still retains their independent, local, woman-run leadership delivering goods in biodegradable and post-consumer materials to maintain an environmentally friendly future.


Prosum Roasters

Prosum Roasters

Prosum Roasters' CEO quit a corporate accounting job to follow a dream to create amazing coffee. With a focus on better harvesting, processing, exporting, importing, and blending Prosum Roasters works with Tweeted Coffee to deliver exceptional coffee products. Prosum deals with each of its farmers and farming communities directly, building strong and sustainable relationships that deliver tasty and fairly priced coffee to customers.