About Our Coffee & Blends

We are very proud to offer our customers a variety of the best whole bean coffee from the best coffee roasters. Your personalized  Tweeted Coffee gifts for coffee lovers comes in a choice of various delicious, freshly roasted, warm, and enticing blends. Whether you like your brews bold, bright. or balanced, we offer something to tickle everyone's tastebuds.


Tweeted Coffee Blends

#Bright Blend - Floral and Balanced

Our #Bright Blend is on the lighter side of the taste spectrum. Made from fresh Colombian roasted beans, this blend offers a medium roast in a robust yet well-balanced and extremely aromatic coffee flavor. Straight from the heart of the world's coffee producing capital the #Bright Blend is one of Tweeted Coffees most pleasing and popular blends. It boasts a lighter and brighter acidity, a more juicy body, and the traditional coffee undertones of molasses, chocolate and cherry. It's delicious scent is a bright morning pick-me-up and works well both in hot or cold brewing methods.

#Balanced Blend - Sweet and Balanced

Registering on the darker side of the roasting level, Tweeted Coffee's #Balanced Blend has a sophisticated profile for the coffee connoisseur. Known as a more "rice and beans" coffee variation, mixing both medium and dark roasts, this blend sustains the fruity flavors of a light roast with the deep toasted caramel taste of a dark roast. The perfect balance between the two. Each sip of this brew offers textured, full flavor with a more medium body and even acidity. 

#Strong Blend - Smoky and Smooth

Our #Strong Blend is a dark French Roast with a smoky and robust taste. The optimal mix of several varieties of Central and South American beans contributes to it's rich brown color. Each bean in the #Strong Blend has been roasted to the end of the second crack, bringing its natural oil to its exterior which gives off a stronger, more chocolate scented smell. It's equally full-bodied taste matches the lush smell of this coffee. 

#Robust Blend - Full-Bodied and Earthy

Tweeted Coffee's most intense roast, the #Robust Blend is for black or dark coffee lovers. This is the brew to get you going at any time of day. Despite it's deep and powerful kick, our #Robust Blend lacks the bitter acidity of similar dark roasts. Instead you get a deep and deliciously full-bodied, earthy, and robust coffee to enjoy whenever you need a boost.

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